Ivette Cabrera

My work is meant to represent issues in personal identity but most importantly roles of women within various cultures and societies. Women tend to be the bottom hierarchy in society. Usually the only way to have major importance and power is to be born into it and with that comes a headdress that signifies that particular woman’s importance.
In past cultures, a crown gave worth to an individual, it reflected their wealth and power and defined their influence within that society regardless of what gender, race or religion they were born into. The headdress was a symbolic representation and extension of the mind exerting dominance over the whole. However, in present day we all wear these crowns individually and inhabit the capability to captivate the whole through creative endeavors and potential
My intent is to abstractly that headdress and show that every woman wears a crown or headdress of importance if she were only to take perception of herself. My drawings are meant to inspire that power within women and bridge together that regal beauty and structure.
My story is not unique, it is among the many that still exists and continue to find a voice through various art forms. My story is defined within those same labels that destroy the self, woman, immigrant, worker, student, artist, observer, story teller and sometimes dreamer. And while these labels lack all power without their context, I seek to break the shackles of these predetermined labels and offer a new written history of the self, a mind made up of shape shifting experiences, imagination and desires. A crown of geometrical shapes that lack order in a systematical society, yet find importance and power as a physical attribute representing the self.