Articollectiva was created to showcase art in all its forms to the world. For us the artist and the audience are what matter the most. Art is a creative human endeavor where our personal genius is given room to shine. The majority of people do not get the chance to experience and enjoy this genius. They rarely get the opportunity to become a part of this genius either. Articollectiva’s mission is to change that.

Art is about good dealers, good galleries, and other necessary tools artists use to share their work, but they are still tools. We find that the most important part of art is the artist, his or her work, and the audiences who have the chance to experience it.


We curate and create pop-up, impromptu exhibits around the world showcasing the most avant-garde, thought-provoking, and beautiful work from emerging artists of all pedigrees. We work with paintings, drawings, spoken word, and move beyond those parameters too. We believe art is an expression where intellect, creativity, and imagination come together and materialize into communication.

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the visualization of experience. essential to the joys of life.


Here are some essentials of the Articollectiva DNA. They are universal truths in our mission:

  1. Art belongs to the world.
  2. Art is Universal expression.
  3. Art is a language of communication.
  4. Art is subjective and meant to be admired in a person’s own time and space.
  5. Artists and their work have an unamiable right to be admired.
  6. We are all creative beings with artistic potential to shine as we deem fit.


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We focus on bringing art in all its forms to audiences around the world. The artist and the audience have a gap between them, and our work is to create the bridge bringing the two together. Is there art without an audience? Can there be an audience without art? Do we all have a creative genius within us that is only waiting? Art is drawing, painting, sculpture, spoken word, poetry, a book, your designs, your thoughts, our existence. Our work has the simple purpose of creating a platform where all that can be considered art can shine and be shared. Art belongs to the world. It is our most human characteristic, and one that needs a place for exploration. We want to provide that place. 













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